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  • Adam

    "Dear Norm, Sherri and Family, Thank you so much for sharing your spectacular piece of Aotearoa with me. From the moment I arrived, greeted by your warm and classically kiwi hospitality, I got a real sense that Ruatiti Wilderness is a very special place. My two day stay was blessed with spectacular scenery, stunning weather, great accommodation and superb hunting opportunities - not to mention the odd cuppa and great brownies from Sherri's kitchen. Needless to say, I made a promise to myself when I departed that I have to come back. Again, thanks for everything and for making me feel so welcome. Kind regards, Adam"

    1.6 MB • JPEG Image • 27 February 2013

  • Dirk

    " I have stayed at the excellent hut (hot shower, flushing toilet, gas cooker/BBQ, solar panel and lights). My mate and me hunted around the property and found it great. Lots of clearings to hunt, a beautiful valley with a lot of Deer. Ruatiti Wilderness is a good place to teach the kids the art of stalking a Deer. Even for not so fit people like me it was possible to stalk the Deer. The set up with the spotting huts is a great idea. With Norm's knowledge it was easy to shoot my first Red Deer. Thanks mate...... we come back....... maybe with wife!"

    17 KB • DOCX File • 27 February 2013

  • First Deer

    I want to provide some feedback and appreciation for a fantastic weekend. Braden and Sean were privileged to enjoy a unique experience at your property. They were provided with the opportunity to observe a large number of deer in their natural environment and in Sean's case shooting his first deer - a life time memory. This has been a real highlight for the boys and they haven't stopped telling everyone since arriving home. In particular the four of us wanted to thank you very much for your hospitality, advice and genuine "good old Kiwi experience" last weekend. You have an exceptional set up at Ruatiti and the plans you have will only enhance this further. We look forward to a return visit and possibly the opportunity to bring the boys back to hear their first deer 'roar' Thanks again and look forward to meeting again in the not too distant future. Kind regards, Craig

    2.3 MB • JPEG Image • 13 October 2012

  • Gary and Gav

    Hi Sherri & Norm, I would just like to thank you for the wonderful experience you gave us on our hunting trip. Your whole setup is top notch, the hut, the block & the animals!!! To me it was like time travel, to see those numbers of Deer in the wild. It was like listening to the stories from the old time hunters when Deer were everywhere. In our two days we saw over 100 animals and had some very good stalking to get in close to make a positive I.D. We both left with some meat to take home, some very good memories and photos. Most of all we met you and your family and felt like we had made some new friends. I cannot recommend your place highly enough to anyone contemplating doing a trip!! This is an experience that everyone should have at least once in a life time. Looking forward to our next trip & seeing you all again. Best wishes for the future and I am sure that your operation will be a huge success. Thanks Gary

    15 KB • DOCX File • 11 February 2014

  • My stay at Ruatiti

    Hi Norm, I'm James I came on the 30th of September till the 5 of October. I stayed with my dad and our friends and his son. I just want to say one thing, *we had a blast *it was amazing country side, loads of beautiful animals and a great postcard image. We were able to shoot two sheep and Ian's son shot his first deer. I also shot my first sheep and what an amazing place to shoot it. I just want to say a big thanks to you and your family for making it a wonderful time. You guys are doing an amazing job on making the roads wider, bigger deck, great customer service and just making it a great time. Hope to see you next year. Huge Thanks James

    271 KB • JPEG Image • 19 October 2012